Aaron Gordon had the best dunk of the season

Denver's Aaron Gordon is no stranger to absolutely ridiculous dunks.

The 6-foot-9 University of Arizona forward had two of the best performances in NBA Slam Dunk Contest history despite failing to win in 2016 and 2020.

Gordon has completed 85 dunks so far this season, second most in the NBA behind Milwaukee's Giannis Antetokounmpo.

He had seven dunks against the Phoenix Suns on Christmas Day. It was the second-highest scoring total of his career and the most points scored in an NBA game on Christmas Day.

But he had an overtime dunk that probably should have counted for six dunks because it was impressive and had such an impact on the final score of the game.

Gordon sprints the ball across the field in transition before finally taking off from incredible distance. Phoenix's Landry Shamet is waiting to take over, but Gordon is ready to take off.

Officials initially requested charges against Gordon, but later changed their request and Denver extended their lead to three points.

It was a huge win for the Nuggets, who are now only in first place in the Western Conference.

Gordon, meanwhile, is enjoying arguably the best season of his career so far. He has developed into one of the most efficient players in the league, especially when it comes to scoring from the perimeter.

In fact, the only players with the most shots this season are Antetokounmpo, Zion Williamson, Anthony Davis and LeBron James.

Gordon is averaging 17.5 points and shooting a career-best 39.0 percent from three, and deserves serious consideration for the 2023 All-Star Game.

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